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I am a business strategist, tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, author of a science book, and consultant specializing in Strategy Development and Execution, Corporate Governance, Performance Management and KPIs, A.I. ethics, Risk Management systems, Anti-Corruption programs, and Anti-Bribery systems, with a passion for science and R&D.

In 2019, after witnessing systemic corruption and favoritism of a competitor in a tender for a strategic Balanced Scorecard project in a country where I was one of the only two balanced scorecard experts, both in the same team - and because that case was not investigated and prosecuted by regional and national authorities, as it usually happens - I decided to start investigating the systemic corruption phenomenon. Mobilized by many unacceptable injustices, I studied the anti-corruption legislation, and obtained certifications in data, intellectual property, and anti-corruption and anti-bribery systems, alongside being involved in three projects focused on the National Anti-Corruption Strategy.

I discovered the Fraud Examiner certification in November 2022 and considered it would complement my skill set, so I became an ACFE member in December 2022, enrolled in the "90-day CFE exam challenge January - March 2023", started studying on 9 January 2023, and passed the exams on the first attempt, with a score above 95%, completing the challenge on 16 March.

I enjoyed the course content and format; however, I feel it is not focusing enough on systemic/high-level corruption, the leading cause of human suffering, which keeps 80% of the human population in poverty and causes many other painful injustices in the world.

From April until August 2023, I independently researched (self-funded) and published: "Anti-corruption systems for a meritocratic democracy," available at and

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In this R&E, I proposed a holistic anti-corruption system consisting of:

1. An innovative and comprehensive set of:

• Strategic objectives and initiatives to address the yearly $ 1.5 trillion global procurement fraud and actions to recover the assets obtained through corrupt acts.

• Anti-corruption initiatives and actions to address the Systemic Corruption Risk Factors (SCF).

• Criteria for a rightful allocation of public capital (including a detailed evaluation of the people who are enriched from state contracts - awarded to them primarily based on cronyism, the assessment of intermediaries who keep 50%-80% of the money without doing anything) so that the current injustices, inequalities, social unrest, and human suffering will be significantly minimized. 

• New fair principles in the selection and hiring process in the gov-donor-public-funded opportunities. The principles highlight the need to allocate 10 points more (out of 100) to those professionals who haven't received their fair share from public funds and who obtained better results providing solutions to social and economic issues without wasting public funds or donors' money, than those hired by agencies with the same mission.

2. Specifications for an integrity tech and integrated I.T. platform to address the yearly $1.5 trillion public procurement fraud and facilitate the recovery of the assets lost to corruption.

From the idealistic "Code of Consciousness – a scientific approach" published in 2020 - where I make a case for a peaceful society where human bioenergetic evolution is possible in perfect alignment with nature and new technologies - to the pragmatic "Anti-corruption systems for a meritocratic democracy," (2023) - where I propose a comprehensive I.T., legal, and strategic system to combat the yearly $2 trillion global corruption and the 1.5 trillion public procurement fraud - the evolution is mostly in the ability to identify and understand the impact of systemic risks.

Without taking into account the strategic and systemic risks, no regional or global strategy can be considered feasible.

When $ 2 trillion is lost yearly to corruption (from which $1 trillion to public procurement fraud) and another 1.5 trillion to tax dodging schemes – more must be done. 

Now, my mission is to use my interdisciplinary skills to develop an integrity tech and A.I.-powered, integrated data platform to tackle public procurement fraud and systemic corruption.


Intellectual Property course and certification, 2022
2022 To 2022

Ministry of Education
Certified expert in preventing and combating Corruption, 2022
Anti-corruption & Anti-bribery Management System (ISO 37001:2016)
2022 To 2022

Ministry of Education
Bucharest, Romania
Certified Trainer and Coach, 2019
Training and Coaching
2019 To 2019

Executive Education, Artificial Intelligence, 2019
Artificial Intelligence. Computer Vision, Machine Learning, NLP, RPA, A.I. strategy, A.I. roadmap.
2018 To 2019

HBS & Palladium Group
Executive Education, 2013
Strategic Management. Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard certified
2012 To 2013

The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania
Master of Business Administration, 2010
Business Administration, Strategy
2008 To 2010
Dissertation: Strategic Management and Balanced Scorecard

The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania
B.Sc., 2008
Commerce and Economics
2004 To 2008

The Chartered Institute of Taxation, UK
ADIT - Advanced Diploma in International Taxation, Paper I, 2009

Council of Europe
Data protection and privacy rights - course & certification, 2022


  • Computer or Technology-based Crime
  • Contract and Procurement Fraud
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Risk Management

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Owner & Administrator - private practice (strategy, anti-corruption, AI, R&D)
March 2019 - present

Writer, Author
March 2018 - September 2020

Strategy Advisor/ Director
United Arab Emirates
August 2017 - March 2018

Consultant - Strategy Manager
February 2007 - August 2017