Getting Started

Welcome to the ACFE Mentoring Program!

This program connects you to a diverse group of mentors and mentees within our organization and all over the world that can offer you a wealth of resources, experiences, advice, and guidance. Not sure if you should participate? Ask yourself these questions to find out if a mentoring relationship is right for you and your career.



Complete your member profile. Make sure your contact information is current, and include a photo and bio. Having a complete profile increases trust among members and also inspires more valuable connections in the community as a whole. It's pivotal for making a match in the mentoring program.



Sign up to be a mentor.

Enroll as a Mentor


Search for mentors

In the ACFE Mentoring Program, mentees will be able to find mentors by filtering through topics of interest. The more information both parties provide, the easier it will be to make a positive match.



Congratulations! You're ready to participate in the ACFE Mentoring Program. If you signed up to be a mentee, it's time to make the leap and request a mentor. If you signed up to be a mentor be on the lookout for mentee request and choose those you can help best. Log in to your profile and connect!