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    When healthcare fraud and lack of compliance is found in the facility setting (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, etc.), besides the management officer who OK'd the fraud, who else should be prosecuted? ------------------------------ Jerri Rowe MBA, CFE, ...

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    Dear Daniel,  With a focus on investigation of financial crimes, I would go for the CFE first. Having said that, at some point yo will need deeper accounting training.  Best regards, ------------------------------ Juan Gomez Enciso MBA, CFE, CIA Director ...

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    At the time I used the Gleim materials available at The IIA's website.  In general, I would recommend buying the test practice software as it allows you to focus on understanding and answering the questions, and not get lost in the nuances of ...

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    Hi @Kollie Dorko , Find attach sample training material. Good Luck. Thanks ​ ------------------------------ Godfrey Ogbuti, BSc, ACIB, CFE, MSc, Internal Auditor/Controller Nigeria. +234-080-237-29556, ------------------------------

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    Brent, Could be a romance scam in the making. The scammers can be very charming and very persuasive therefore despite your best efforts your mom may still be tempted to send funds, if she has not done so already. In addition to the other recommendations ...

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