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    The Code of Federal Regulations at 21 CFR (resulting from 21USC) has very strict record-keeping requirements which must be followed TO THE LETTER and any exceptions can result in fines of $10,000/line violation. The DEA Office of Diversion Control...

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    RE: 2017 Fraud Manual

    Hi Chandra, I did the same too and made sure I answered all the mock questions............. ------------------------------ Godfrey Ogbuti, BSc, ACIB, CFE, MSc, Internal Auditor/Controller Nigeria. +234-080-237-29556, ------------------------------

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    Hi Julie 4 exams in one day and 45 seconds Sheeeesh unbelieveable !! From what I experienced with my First exam i.e. Financials and my decision to day an exam a day I can only say WOW that is an achievement in itself. Felt slightly better with the...

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    Deja vu... It's been over 10 years since I took the exam and I made the mistake of sitting for all four exams in the same day. I say mistake because after I was done I literally felt sick to my stomach. There were questions on the exam that weren't...

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    Hi Tosin/Ngoni Thank you very much for the well wishes. 4 papers in one day Tosin !! Wow that would have been something and certainly an accomplishment if you had done all 4 in one day PHEW !! Ngoni I couldn't imagine if I tried your nervous state...

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