Program Guidelines

The ACFE Mentoring Program serves as a platform for CFE mentors and mentees to connect and develop a professional relationship that provides a two-way learning process.

By participating in this program, CFE mentors are committing to the professional growth of our mentees and investing in the overall future of fraud detection and deterrence.

Mentees are ready to take the next steps to grow in their career and to make their professional goals a reality.

A mentoring relationship is only as powerful and effective as those who are a part of it. It is important that you follow these guidelines to get the most out of this program and your mentoring relationship.


Program Requirements:

  • Mentors and mentees should fill out their profile entirely. Add a photo (non-identifying images are OK) to increase your chances of being discovered.
  • Mentors and mentees should meet for at least one hour per month by phone, video chat, email, or in person.
  • Mentors must be CFEs.
  • Mentees may have one mentor for the duration of the program.
  • Mentors can have at most three mentees for the duration of the program.
  • Mentors can use the Discovery Call Sheet to initiate a mentoring relationship with a mentee.
  • Both mentor and mentee must confirm the relationship after the Discovery Call.
  • A mentor and mentee pairing may continue their professional relationship for as long as they would like, but they should reconfirm their agreement when the initial, agreed-upon, period has completed. 

Mentee Guidelines:

  • Approach a mentor with a clear idea, or goal that you are committed to executing for the duration of the program.
  • Research your potential mentor and understand how they can help you.
  • Take initiative. It's your responsibility to set a schedule, stay organized and know what you want. Ask for clarity when you’re confused.
  • Learn and work at your own pace. Your mentor is very experienced in what may be new to you. We encourage you to ask your mentor to slow down and thoroughly explain any lessons or concepts you are trying to grasp.
  • Use the resources we provide to get the most out of the program and your mentoring relationship.
  • If a mentor gives you homework or asks you to do something and you agreed, follow through and follow up with your experiences and results. There is no better reward to a mentor than this.
  • This program is about networking, learning from others, and growing professionally. Be respectful of your mentor’s time.
  • The Mentor Program should not be used with the expectation of receiving a new job. If you are looking for a job, check out our job board and other resources the ACFE offers.


Mentor Guidelines:

  • Using the Discovery Call Sheet, get to know your potential mentee. Only agree to become a mentor for someone if you believe you can help the mentee reach their goal.
  • Create trust by building a relationship. Get to know each other’s interests, goals and hobbies.
  • Let the mentee know in advance how much time you can commit to the mentoring relationship.
  • Clearly layout your expectations, including any homework assignments you have for the mentee.
  • Make sure your mentee understands the concepts you teach by asking for follow-up questions.
  • Avoid falling into the “curse of knowledge.” While you might have years in experience in certain fields and subjects, your mentee will be relatively new to many of these things.
  • Encourage your mentee to speak their mind and contribute.
  • Welcome a two-way learning process. Ask and listen to suggestions your mentee makes on any challenges you might be dealing with professionally. A different perspective can shed light on overlooked solutions.
  • Respect your mentee as an equal.