Shared Values of the ACFE Community

  • The community is a private, safe, dedicated space to discuss fraud and the anti-fraud profession. It provides relief for you and other anti-fraud professionals to maintain focus on your work. 
  • By actively participating and contributing to discussions, you have the opportunity to create lasting and genuine relationships with likeminded anti-fraud professionals, overcoming geographic barriers of our global membership base. 
  • The community opens a clear line of discussion free from ads and promotional materials, not readily available on any other social platform.
  • You can use the community to create and build your own curated repository of knowledge, which any other member can then access and contribute to. The community belongs to you.
  • You can maximize the functionality of the community (search function, tagging, etc) to gain instant access to ACFE knowledge — reducing frustration, improving information flow and readily connecting with subject matter experts.
  • By providing clear guidelines and many opportunities for feedback, we establish a collaboration with you that allows you to take ownership of ACFE products and member benefits. 
  • Ultimately, the community fosters genuine care and helpfulness amongst you and other anti-fraud professionals, and also between you and the ACFE staff.