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Welcome to the ACFE Mentoring Program!

The ACFE Mentoring Program connects you to anti-fraud professionals from all over the world who can offer you a wealth of resources, experiences, advice and guidance. 

What you need to know about the ACFE Mentoring Program: 

  • Enrollment is free for all ACFE members in good standing.
  • Only CFEs can be mentors, but CFEs can also enroll as mentees.
  • There were previously two six-month sessions per year. We have made the decision to allow any length of mentorship, to better accommodate all schedules. 
  • The match period for mentees to search the Mentor Directory for potential mentors is ongoing and will not close.
  • Participants can choose to meet by phone, video chat, email or in person, and must agree upon mentorship length. We recommend a minimum of one-month for your relationship but this will vary depending upon the mentee's goal(s). *CFEs can earn up to 12.0 ACFE CPE credits, per year, at a rate of 1.0 CPE for every 3 hours spent with a mentor/mentee*
  • The Mentor Directory is now open indefinitely, for matching.

For more details, read the program guidelines and FAQs. If you have any questions, email us at

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