Mr. Mikhail Ben Rabah, CFE, CIA, CRMA

Government Audit Manager,
Presidency of the Government

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Presidency of the Government


In the course of my 20-year career in government auditing, I was in charge of hundreds of value-added audit engagements in the public sector. Furthermore, I was called to lead several assessments of strategic public policies and programs.
A leader by nature, I took on several professional challenges, such as the implementation of the department of evaluation and quality and the governance unit in the Ministry of Education. As a further assignment, I was appointed as CAE in the same ministry.
Currently, I am head of the evaluation division in the Body of General Control of Public Departments and the chairman of the audit committee of the Tunisian Post Office. Throughout my career, I always believed in continuously improving myself and my capabilities, and encourage my junior colleagues to do the same.

Job Code

  • Internal Auditor

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  • Government