Mr. Timothy Stephenson, CFE

Affordable Church Auditing

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Affordable Church Auditing
Moscow, ID
PRIMARY: 208 596-4480


I work with churches to 1) prevent fraud;  2) remove temptation; 3) protect reputations and demonstrate integrity; and 4) keep the church from having to deal with the horribly sticky situation if fraud is discovered. It's a real risk: about 13.4 percent of pastors surveyed said they knew of fraud in their church in the last five years... and that's just the ones that knew about it and would own up to it! See more at ...

Job Code

  • External Auditor


Los Angeles, California, United States
Master's in Public Health, 1982
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
1980 To 1982
Dissertation: Paper: Rubella In Hospital Employees
Advisor: Marc Strassburg, Ph.D.

California State University at San Bernardino
San Bernardino, California, United States
Teaching Credential, 1985
Secondary Education
1985 To 1986
Advisor: Phyllis Maxey, Ed.D.

University of California at Irvine
Irvine, California, United States
Bachelor of Science, 1979
Biological Sciences
1976 To 1980


  • Fraud Examination / Investigation
  • Fraud Hotlines
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Internal Controls
  • Non-Profit Fraud

Industry Code

  • Management Consultants

Job History

Affordable Church Auditing
Auditor of Church Internal Controls
May 2017 - present

Dish Network
Business Analyst
May 2000 - present